Video ads

Tell your brand story with high-quality content in trusted, brand-safe environments on Amazon sites and on the web.

This video showcases the performance of a U.S. advertiser's campaign.
Results shown here are not guaranteed in other marketplaces.

How video ads work

Reach a suitable audience

Go beyond traditional TV ads to share your brand message with your audience in the many places where they view content.

Influence, engage, and connect

Video ads allow you to display your brand message or show your products and services.

Appear in brand safe environments

Associate your brand message with high-quality content across the web and in trusted environments like Amazon sites.

Who can buy video ads?

Businesses can buy video ads even if they don't sell products on Amazon. Amazon DSP self-service users can purchase and manage their own video campaigns, while those who opt for the managed service can work with our advertising advisor. Typically, the managed service requires a minimum charge of EUR 10,000.

Prices for video ads vary depending on format and placement.

How to get started

Get in touch with an Amazon Advertiser to learn more about using video ads in campaigns.

Common questions

Where are customers directed when they click on my ads?

Clickable video ads allow you to direct customers to a product detail page on Amazon, brand website, or other destination on the Internet.